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Daniel By Design Couture  got off to a busy start since we launched our first collection in miniature in 2021.


We picked up a variety of wonderful and exciting commissions which I really enjoyed working on.

The best part for me is making sure the client is happy with what I have created and seeing them wear a creation of mine is wonderful.

If you would like your design dream turned into a reality, please just get in touch to arrange a free consultation.

The galleries below showcase some of my favourite commissions I have worked on over the years.

got back.jpg


'He's magic. He works magic and makes you feel magic'

Hearing these words from Jacqui after creating her Victorian Suit for October Goth Weekend (see below) was magic to me. I really enjoyed getting to know Jacqui and creating a Garment that she loved so much. Therefore, I was delighted when she got in touch after Christmas wanting another addition to her fantasy wardrobe.

We met for coffee and cake and she showed me more Victorian emsembles for inspiration from which we pulled several elements we loved. Jacqui wanted something more adventurous and in particular was keen for the jacket to have a different neckline to her first Victorian Suit, taking it into a slightly less tailored and more dressy realm.

After some sketching we settled on a design and turned our attention to fabrics and colours. We ordered many samples and Jacqui settled on the ones seen in the gallery below. For the jacket we opted for a oriental style floral brocade, which we trimmed with deep red lace appliques. The jacket was finished with brushed silver effect metal clasps, as we felt this elevated the design from a simple button.

For the skirt, we opted for a pale lilac duchess satin, chosen because of its weight and beautiful movement when walking. This was accented with a semi sheer deep red brocade bib and bustle, and accordian pleated deep red duchess satin at the hem. 

I think you will agree the contrast of the soft lilac with the deep red is quite striking. Both Jacqui and myself loved this look!


"My first Goth/Steampunk event. I'm honestly struggling to put into words just how wonderful Daniel has been throughout the whole journey - and anyone who knows me knows that doesn't happen very often! He's magic. He works magic and makes you feel magic x"



A recent commission was a request from the incredible Jacqui for a Victorian Riding Habit for Whitby Goth Weekend. This was a very special commission for Jacqui as it marked the beginning of the next chapter of her life following gender reassignment surgery. This outfit would be worn for the first major event she would attend as her true authentic self. 

When we first met for coffee, Jacqui was very specific in the outfit she desired for Whitby Goth Weekend. Jacqui is a huge fan of the Victorian aethetic and in particular loved the idea of the Victorian Riding Habit style. We discussed colour options and Jacqui said she was a fan of purple.

After this first meeting, I sourced numerous fabric samples in different shades of purple and different materials before we settled on a beautiful plum coloured wool. This would work perfectly to provide structure to the outfit whilst having a beautful drape for the skirt.

Using Jacqui's measurements, I started the mock up using fabrics I had in my own stash. As usual I started by stitching together the pieces to form the jacket shape. The next step was to construct the sleeves making sure they were aligned properly and accurate to the period. Next, I constructed the skirt and apron bustle, which could be detached and worn separately.

The next stage of the process was to invite Jacqui for a fitting of the mock up. Jacqui lives with a colostomy bag and was concerned about the weight of the skirt when trying on the mock up. We had cut the skirt to sit above her bag but had not accounted for the fact that the skirt may slip down during wear. To account for this, we decided to add braces to the skirt for the final version.


The main focus throughout the entire process was to make Jacqui feel as comfortable as possible in what she was wearing but not comprising the vision we had. 

The most important thing for me was to make Jacqui feel incredible.

The next stage of the process was to create the final outfit incorporating the modifications we discussed during the mock up fitting. The wool was a joy to work with and the construction was straight forward as I had already done it with the mock up. Once I had the skirt constructed, I made the braces and attached them to the skirt. We added a black velvet trim to the skirt and the edge of the jacket and black faux jet buttons to the jacket. We also incorporated ribbons inside the skirt enabling it to be bustled when walking.

And then came the final fitting with adjustments made to the braces when we fitted the skirt. We decided during this last fitting to add a cuff to the sleeve and to rework the velvet trim in the front of the jacket, tapering them to in at the waist to enhance the waistline. Having done these alterations, we stitched in a Daniel By Design Couture label and the outfit was ready to go to its new owner.



A short time ago, a long time friend Chris (DJ Spoonzay) got in touch with Daniel by Design Couture Headquarters with a very special request.

Chris informed me that he had been invited to a red carpet event at London Fashion Week and desired to attend the event in a three piece suit but with a twist! It was an incredible feeling to be entrusted with such an important request. Furthermore, the thought of creating a custom suit with a twist and the chance to unleash my creativity was beyond exciting. 

The stage was set...



The first step was to set up a consultation with Chris to discuss our ideas for the custom suit. Chris informed me that he had been doing a lot of work and research on Masculinity and Femininity and in particular how it is to be 'Masculine' in 2022. I discussed with Chris how one of my ethos is to design and create clothing that makes someone feel empowered when they wear it.


We agreed that clothing is power. 

We decided on a traditional jacket for the suit but extending the back of the jacket into a train akin to the train on a dress. Furthermore, we liked the idea of embellishing the suit jacket with floral appliques. The next steps were to decide on a colour palette. Chris is a fan of pink, which I ran with but in my sketch I teamed it with a deep red for a contrast.

Chris was happy with the design and concept and told me he was going to have his hair styled professionally to compliment the custom suit. 

The next steps were to order sample fabrics and to start on the mock up. 


Following the consultation, I ordered fabric samples in a range of different colours. When I showed them to Chris, he decided on a bright pink for the jacket and a deep red colour for the trousers and collar of the jacket. The next step was for Chris to try on the mock up to check for fit and also for how Chris felt in the suit.

During the fitting, Chris requested for the train part of the suit, to start closer to the back of the jacket. When we pinned it this way on Chris, it worked really well. When Chris stood to one side, the garment looks like a straight forward jacket but then when Chris turned, it shows off the dramatic train of the suit. We enjoyed this juxtapositionAlso, the changes we made shows how collaborative this process was throughout. 

This fitting was a good opportunity for Chris to ask questions: such as how many pockets the jacket and trousers would have so that Chris would know where to put important items such as his phone! 

The final step was to take the mock up with its modifications and make a start on the final garment.