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What is unique about the commissions on this page is the designs were originally constructed in miniature. The miniatures were part of the first collection which  launched Daniel By Design Couture. This page details the journey from miniature to reality.


 Following the launch of my miniature collection, I picked up a commission for the miniature 'Quinn' to be made life size. I gave the client the option of tweaking the design. For example, I explained that the colour of the velvet for the top of the coat could be changed to a different colour to coordinate with the colours in the harlequin fabric. However, we decided to go with the original colourway.

The big advantage I had with the construction of this garment is that I had already ironed out any snags when making the miniature. I also had the advantage of working with fabulous fabrics from a thick burgandy cotton velvet, heavy weight 100% cotton harlequin fabric and finally cream faux fur. The coat was also fully lined with luxury red satin with a velvet facing added into the front of the jacket for extra strength. I also made buttons using offcuts of the harlequin fabric. As usual, the linings and hems were handstitched.


Unfortuntely, the client changed their mind when the garment upon completion. The garment was put up for sale and bought by the fabulous Sandra! Alterations were made and when I presented the coat to Sandra I surprised her with a matching hat and faux fur muff using fabric offcuts.

Sandra was thrilled with the coat and ready to wear it for Whitby Goth Weekend.


The miniature 'Rebecca' was created using dupion silk adorned with black lace applique. My client loved the design of Rebecca and I explained I could recreate it life size in any colour. My client decided on dark green with black lace details, measurements were taken and the order was secure.

The next step was to order fabric samples so that the client could choose how dark she wanted the green to be. My client decided on an emerald green taffeta fabric shot in black. We thought that this fabric would work well with the black lace I already had. 

Because I had already done the design in miniature there was no need to do a mock up as all the design issues had been ironed out in the miniature. Therefore, the construction of it in life size was straight forward. I just had to keep a check on the proportions and to make sure I was happy with the puff ball of the jacket and the drape of the skirt. 

Once the jacket and skirt were constructed, I inserted an cotton lining and finished the hemms. The final part and probably the most time consuming part was hand stitching the black lace applique onto the garment. However, I really enjoyed this part of the process, hand stitiching for me is like therapy! I just had to make sure everything was symmetrical and it was!

I sourced vintage clasps online which were adorned onto the jacket for the fastenings and the garment was complete! 

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