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This collection represented my first ever bespoke couture collection. However, this was not a normal collection… it was all in miniature!

There are a couple reasons for why this collection was in miniature. The first reason was purely financial as I desired to use the best fabric but do not have an endless budget to spend on fabrics. Fabric choice is important to me as it helps to achieve a quality feel and finish and I believe truly bespoke clothing should be luxurious.

The second reason was initially inspired by the haute couture collection by Maria Grazia Chiuri for Christian Dior for fall 2020. Due to lockdown and the restrictions on atelier, the collection was made in miniature. The mannequins were a quarter scale to normal sized mannequins but the proportions in the miniatures were in keeping to the same proportions if they had been made in full scale. Also, the level of detail achieved in such a way was truly inspiring and represented a real challenge to me.

When creating my miniature collection, it was a challenge to achieve the correct proportions but one that was successful. I had to make sure the proportions of every detail such as a bow or applique was in proportion to the rest of the garment. This is important because my client can envisage the creation in full scale.

Also, after creating an outfit in miniature I would have no reservations about creating it in a full size. This process serves to evolve a design from initial concept, to overcoming any construction hurdles, through to a completed garment. It helps to give me a great understanding of the process, which presents opportunities to alter design details for my client before creating it in real size.

I chose against having a certain theme to my first collection as I did not want to be constrained. I just let my love for fashion guide my inspirations and designs. Making what I love felt natural to me.

All my miniatures are a one off and if they were to be made in full size for a client, the full size creation would not be replicated again exactly. I love the idea of being able to wear a garment and be the only one wearing that garment and being unique.

I hope you enjoy the collection and if this collection inspires you, please just get in touch using the Contact Us page.




rebecca final.jpg

My first miniature Rebecca was inspired by an extravegant coat I had watched in the film 'The Greatest Showman'. 

Firstly, I sourced a beautiful dupion silk to create a matching coat and skirt, drafting my own pattern for this garment. Next, I handstitched a delicate black lace detail onto the coat, including the collar and cuffs. Finally, I inserted a cotton lining to give my garment strength and structure. 

The main challenge with this garment was deciding on the correct proportions of the coat to compliment the dramatic skirt.



For this miniature, I challenged myself to recreate faithfully the 'Red Dress' from TV series Outlander.

Even though the garment was in miniature, I managed to add all the details from the original costume such as the bodice criss cross detail in the front and the piping.

I even managed to create the pleats in the skirt. The only change I made was by using a deeper red ducess satin, which I personally felt looked more expensive.

I recreated Claire in Life size - check out the Previous Page for pictures. A construction write up is coming soon.


Final Dior Back.jpg

This miniature was inspired by another costume from the TV series Outlander. The costume was a version of Dior's iconic 'New Look' suit, which due to it's vastly different shape to the war years - had an dramatic impact on the fashion world.

I had a challenge with this miniature as it was difficult to get the correct proportions of the jacket in relation to the skirt. The jacket above was my third attempt!

Also, my previous jacket attempts had elaborate trims and buttons but ultimately I decided simplicity and beautiful was the way forward.


final front_edited_edited.jpg

For this miniature, I decided to create a design inspired by the Regency period. My favourite period of fashion history is the Edwardian era but I do enjoy the Regency silhouette.


The colours in this design were inspired by costumes worn by Daphne in the TV series Bridgerton. I appreciated the soft and delicate tones used in her wardrobe..

I used duchess satin for the dress with an organza overlay completed with a silver cord design running the entire length of the dress. The bodice was completed with an hand stitched white lace applique.


Miniature Final Front.jpg

This miniature was the final creation I designed from this collection. The client asked for an 1920s inspired dress for an 1920s ball she was attending. My design was inspired by an original 1920s garment.

I created the design in miniature first so that I could iron out any construction issues. My client requested sparkles which I duly delivered by using a black sequenced fabric teamed with black organza for the skirt. 

In life size I also handstitched a peacock glitter applique down the back of the dress for added glitz and drama! 




final image blog 6.jpg

This miniature was a recreation of the 'Brown Suit' from TV series Outlander, the favourite costume for my client Michelle.

Before making the dress full size, I created it in miniature.

For the miniature I sourced brown cotton fabric with  printed floral details teamed with mustard duchess satin for the underskirt (which I also used on the full size version). 

To ensure my recreation was as faithful to the original, I had to ensure all the floral details were placed in the correct place. I achieved this with careful pleating of the fabric in the overskirt.


The jacket had to be cut from a number of pieces, which in miniature was very challenging. The suit was lined with a cotton fabric to give the suit strength and structure.

I was thrilled with the result!  Check out the full size version on the Previous Projects Page.


quinn front final_edited.png

The inspiration for Quinn started with the sleeves of an original garment from the V and A museum on which I built the rest of the design. 

The original garment was actually a dress but I decided to create a coat as a nod back to the green coat I made for my daughter years ago - see background. 

The coat design was finalised when I sourced this beautiful harlequin fabric and I thought... Why can't a coat be colourful and also trimmed in faux fur?

I also sourced the upscaled version of this fabric, which will be perfect when I make it full size for a future commission.


I selected deep red velvet for the top of the coat in my miniature but any colour contained in the harlequin pattern would compliment it perfectly. 

The possibilities for versions of this design are endless which I find very exciting!



The starting point for this miniature was from the recreation I did of the Brown Suit for the miniature 'Michelle'.


I wanted to take the design and reimagine it in different fabrics and colours with a different shaped skirt.


After drawing multiple versions in different colours I embarked on my fabric research. I sourced this beautiful botanical fabric locally and thought it would be perfect.

I enjoyed the pop of mustard in the original brown suit for the underskirt so decided on a pop of purple for the underskirt for this miniature.

The purple underskirt also complimented the purple in the floral pattern in the fabric. I also trimmed the jacket in pink buttons to make the look softer.

Finally, I constructed a different shape for the overskirt and I was thrilled with the final result. 

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