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Here at DBD, we are fortunate enough to attend a number of Events throughout the year. This page contains images and reflections on our experiences.



At the beginning of 2023, we received an invitation to attend and trade at the Newark Steampunk Festival in May, which we happily accepted. We were told that the event would be kicking off with a a Fashion Show on the Friday, giving people the opportunity to showcase their wonderful creativity. I had to decide which two looks from my work I wanted to showcase at the show taking place in the gorgeous Ballroom at Newark Town Hall. 

Due to my deep love for the film and the hours and hours sat beading, I knew instantly the Titanic 'Jump' Dress would have to feature. I was lucky that my fabulous friend Sarah agreed to model the Jump Dress and be styled as per Kate Winslet's portrayel of Rose DeWit-Bukator. For my second look, I decided I wanted to showcase something of my own design. Therefore, I showcased together the Jacket worn by myself and the Trousers worn Carl in Essex (see below). I thought that both looks would introduce people to who I am in that firstly I love to design and create original pieces but secondly I enjoy challenging myself to recreate existing costumes that I have come to love over the years. 

I am quite nervous when I meet new people but from the moment I stepped into the Ballroom at the Dress Rehearsal for the Fashion show, my nerves vanished in an instant with the incredible warm welcome from Parvin and the Newark Steampunk Family. The Fashion show was a huge success with everyone showcasing fabulous creations on the catwalk. Sarah, a natural introvert, was apprehensive about closing the show in the Jump dress. However, with some incredible support from Parvin, she was able to not only walk the runway but own it!


Next on our Newark adventure was attending a Ball at the Georgian Ballroom. For such a fabulous venue, I decided we needed fabulous attire! I dove into the archives and found two of my old favourites... Cinderella and Prince Charming. Whilst, Prince Charming was ready to go, I felt that Cinderella needed an upgrade so I got to work on a complete remodelling of the original gown.

The key to the remodelling was to add more of the fairy-tale feeling and the luxury of the original movie gown worn by Lily James in the live action retelling of Cinderella.  The gallery below shows my daughter Lily in the original gown I made, and Sarah in the upgraded and reworked version. 

The first step in the rework was to add six extra layers of tuille into the skirt. Next, I handstitched a ruffled hem on the two petticoat layers. I also had to construct a new and larger crinoline. Next, I hand applied crystal beads onto the skirt. 

For the bodice, I removed the organza layer and stripped it back to the satin layer. There was also a complete reworking of the organza neckline and sleeve. Next, I hand painted and applied delicate butterflies to the neckline. The corset lacing was refined and overall the garment was changed from a two piece to an one piece garment.  To complete the look, I styled Sarah's hair with bouncing curls with hand applied crystals added, which gave Sarah that fairy tale magic!

I really was Sarah's Fairy Godmother so it seemed only fitting that I was the Fairy Godmother for the ball. For this look, I created a train out of cream and pink tuille, The train was attached into the back of a pair of cream trousers, and the trousers teamed with a lace shirt and black corset. To complete the look, I customised a pair of opera gloves with floral details and then carried this floral detail through to a pair of customised boots. 

The gallery below shows Cinderella, Prince Charming and the Fairy Godmother at the ball (we made sure to leave before midnight!).


On the final day of our fabulous weekend in Newark, we traded at the Steampunk Market in the historic market square. The market was a great opportunity to introduce myself to a new audience. I used the stall as a showcase of the broad spectrum of the things that I do. My faithful assistant Sarah joined me and we had a great day as shown in the gallery below. 


Recently, we were fortunate enough to receive an invite to two fabulous events in Essex. After receiving the invites, I decided that this was a great time to create something special for myself and my husband. Truthfully, I have not made myself much over the years as to be honest I am a perfectionist. If I make something for myself and keep it, I will keep returning to it and altering it. Whereas when I make a creation for a client, I can go through the journey but then pass the garment off to the client. 

But I decided ultimately that if we were going on tour, we would do it in style! I also decided that I would challenge myself and make two pair of mens tailored trousers but with a twist. My initial inspiration for the trousers came from Japanese culture. I wanted to play with shapes and volume and through my sketches came up with a traditional mens fitted trouser but with an overlay slit at the side. 

From the design, the next step was to look at fabrics and consider different colours. In keeping with Japanese culture as inspiration I found a beautiful brocade fabric with green and pink floral details set on an black background. When it arrived, I checked my shelves of fabrics for what might compliment it and came across some beautiful jade green pure silk fabric, which I bought in a local market last year. I decided that the fitted trousers would be made from the brocade but add a green strip of the silk at the side of the trousers  where I planned on putting the slit in the overlay.

As always, I did a mock up of the fitted trousers and overlay using calico fabric. After this, I was ready to cut the fabric and stitch together my own drafted pattern pieces to make the fitted trousers. The next step was to construct the overlay. I did contemplate having the overlay as a separate piece to the fitted trousers. But for my own comfort I decided to make it as all one piece and then inspiration struck me. I decided to use more of the silk to make a sash which would also serve the purpose of being the waistband for my trousers. The only decision left was to decide how big the sash would be! Finally, I lined the overlay in burgandy satin fabric. 

I noticed at this point that the burgandy fabric complimented nicely with the jade green silk and with an abundance of silk fabric left I chose to make a jacket for my husband Carl. Carl was intrigued by having an one of a kind jacket made for him because as he admits he normally plays it quite safe when it comes to fashion choices.

We discussed ideas for the jacket and after a few sketches settled on a jacket inspired by a Matador and his cape. Following a successful mock up, I constructed a traditional Matador style jacket but with a cape on one side using the silk fabric and lined in the burgandy satin. I inserted pleats into the cape to show the burgundy satin as well as the jade green silk fabric. Finally, I constructed the collar from the brocade fabric used for my trousers and finished with some big bling buttons! As shown above, I teamed a black sheer shirt with my trousers and Carl wore burgundy trousers to compliment his jacket. Finally, we raided our jewellery stash to complete the looks with bling. 


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