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"The details are not the details.
They make the design"

- Charles Eames - 



Dressmaking has been in my blood since I watched my Mum at her sewing machine for hours when I was a child. My Mum worked at the old Burberry factory in Whitby, made various outfits for my sister and taught me how to cross stitch (and began my sewing journey).


My favourite film as a teenager was Titanic because of the costumes. I loved the elegance of the Edwardian period the film was set in. I loved every costume that Rose wore. I appreciated how each costume told a story. From the very first outfit 'Boarding' suit, which was the height of 1912 fashion through to the floaty ‘Swim’ dress with no corset and all accessories and formality stripped away.

My passion for dressmaking carried on through GCSE, A Level Art and Design and Teesside University to study Fashion & Business Enterprise. Doing the degree helped me hone my design and sewing techniques. Halfway through university I became a Dad and after that parenthood was my priority and the only dressmaking I did was fancy dress costumes, a wedding dress and alterations for friends & family.


When my daughter Lily-May was five years old, she was enthralled by Whitby Goth Weekend and all the fabulous outfits. She asked me to make her an outfit so she that she could join in, so I threw together a matching brocade Victorian jacket and skirt with a bustle. Lily-May enjoyed the weekend so much that from then, twice a year I would make her a new outfit to wear.


My passion for dressmaking that has always been there just continued to grow. I love fashion and historical fashion and love to challenge myself. Because of this I never make the same thing twice. I have custom made a range of outfits from Evening Wear through to Period pieces. However, what really inspires me is to try and make someone feel great about themselves in something that I have created for them. I have body image issues and I know how important clothes are, that they fit right and that they are to the best quality possible. I handcraft my own patterns rather than use commercial patterns so my creations are unique. 

The custom pieces I create are always to the highest quality and I will do as many fittings required to make sure they are fitted perfectly. I like my client to go on a journey and I like to go on that journey with them from initial wish or inspiration through to them looking fabulous!

I hope you enjoy the website.

Danny xx

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